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  • VLab in Kooperation mit der Rosa-Luxemburg- Stiftung arbeitet an der Umsetzung einer Publikation zu Lebensrealitäten der jungen Generationen der deutsch-vietnamesischen Diasporen (1½, 2. und 3. Generation). Wir suchen nach Autor*innen bzw. Illustrator*innen, die zu diesem Sammelband beitragen.
  • To one who comes from a diasporic family with ties to China, Vietnam and Thailand, this was a familiar scene. My childhood memories consist of seeing the kitchen bench being overtaken by ingredients, everyone sprawling across the dining table and into the lounge with our allocated stations, each of us in charge of a task to bring the meal together.
  • I like to think of my relationship to Vietnamese food as an indicator of my relationship to my heritage and my parents. Sometimes, it’s delightful, sometimes it’s bad, most of the time, it’s complicated and ambivalent and that is ok...